Furniture Hardware

Collect, capture and block

Furniture screws are designed to connect pieces of furniture. The use of this product reduces production costs, as more complex types of collets (T-slot or dovetail) will be more expensive. The furniture screws will also allow you to forget about gluing pieces of furniture. This means that the wardrobe or the bed can be taken apart, for example to be moved, which would be impossible with gluing.

If the furniture screws are not used for their primary purposes, they can become indispensable to solve other problems in construction or general renovation.

Countertops and sectional walls, parts of cabinets and sofas, tables, dressers and children’s complexes – this is the main area of demand for furniture screws. Upholstery screws are mainly used to assemble furniture, to hold hinges and fittings, to attach handles and more.
Such fasteners make it possible to :

  • Connect chipboard trays ;
  • Collect furniture frames ;
  • Repair bulky wooden elements.
Furniture Hardware
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